Thursday, 2/11

Thursday, 2/11 After some pre-writing in journals, we discussed the intersection between imagery and figurative language, returning to some of the poems in Burroway’s ch. 1. Then students worked through an exercise that asked them to create their own poem from the model of “Poetry Should Ride the Bus” by Lucile Clifton, where they were to practice personification of poetry through some of their own common, everyday activities. Homework: do some writing over the long weekend; complete an exercise from today you didn’t get to or extend some that you did, or continue work on your “Poetry Rides the Bus” exercise.

Thursday, 1/28

We began workshop for Poem #1 today. Students took turns reading their poems out loud, and then the rest of the class gave them feedback on what worked well and what could be improved. Think of this feedback as a cheat-sheet for the final that will help you make the best revisions possible. We got through four poems today, and we will continue workshopping till we have no poems left.

Tuesday, 1/26

Today was a work day to type up Poem #1. Students worked in Google Classroom using the template I provided. Anyone who finished before the end of class either worked on getting caught up on other assignments in Classroom or read ch. 9 in the Burroway text. Homework: Any poems not finished during the block must be finished by 11:59 tonight to be considered on time. Students with late poems turned in after that time must bring 30 copies to class on Thursday for workshop.

Wednesday, 1/6

Students helped me to learn their names at the start of class. Then we talked a lot about the writing process and beginning our writing journals. Students completed and logged two pre-writing exercises from the Smith & Greenberg text (the yellow book). With the last few minutes of class, students received a handout with poems from Frost, Williams, and Hughes, and began a paraphrase of the Frost poem. Homework: please complete the “Quilting” exercise as described on p. 63 of the Smith & Greenberg text (students copied this down during class). In a nut, look through your closet, dresser, wherever you keep old clothes. Create a list of the clothes that have special meaning for you. Then, label the event(s) that each item on your list makes you remember as well as feelings each item evokes for you. Finally, freewrite about at least a few items on the list. Total time: 20–30 minutes. Due Tuesday of next week.